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    Adipex Retard

    This is a powerful preparation developed especially as a supplementary to a slimming diet, which helps, in the developed countries of Europe, several obese persons to lose weight. In only two months you may even lose 15 to 20kg from your weight!

  • regenon


    This is an intensive and efficient slimming preparation which has become spread worldwide, and is reputed among consumers. Lose 6 to 10 kg of your weight in a month without any side effects.

  • sibutramine


    Sibutramine is a preparation which is applied to treat obesity. It takes its actions in the central nervous system by inhibiting the voracious appetite, but primarily it is intended to burn fat.

  • xenical


    In the gastro-enteric system this preparation inhibits digestion of a significant proportion of the fat ingested. Therefore it helps to create the calorie deficit which is the basic precondition to slimming.

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    On this website we distribute authentic products exclusively. We have been supplying our products all over the world for over five years now. For that reason our website has been considered worthy of the merit to receive the “100% reliable website” title.

  • adipex
  • regenon
  • sibutramine
  • xenical
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Adipex Retard
I tried many products, but nothing worked effectively and I didn’t have any successful results. Until now! I lost 6kg from 93kg within 3 weeks! My confidence returning. My goal is to reach 70kg. :-) Shipping takes 2 days to U.K. Thank you abnehmendiaetprodukte!
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    We are dedicated to the target to help you lose weight as efficiently as possible. To this end, you can read in our News up to date pieces of advice and ideas here on how to make your slimming diet the possibly most effective.

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    Payments are expected to be made in advance! You may effect payments via bank transfer or by Western Union at our website. After completing shopping you will receive in e-mail the data necessary for arranging the payment through your e-bank fast and simply. Remember to indicate the order number starting with “AD” in the note field of your payment order to the bank, which you have received in the order confirmation e-mail. To receive your order as soon as possible this is indispensable!

  • About Us

    We have been working hard for over 5 years now to make the most effective slimming preparations on the market available for you, which help you lose even 10 to 15kg in just a month! Considering the fact that these products are very much in demand our stocks are running out fast. Order now!

  • Reliability and discretion

    We distribute authentic products on our website exclusively, which are reliable and act fast. Our customer service is at your kind disposal to give response to your questions in e-mail or through telephone. As an authentic distributor and thanks to our prominent customer service our website has won the title “100% reliable website”. For us it is essential that our customers enjoy utmost discretion.

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Regenon for free for all orders over a value of EUR 149

on Wednesday, 02 July 2014.

Regenon for free for all orders over a value of EUR 149!

Our company offers the following discount to all customers between July 1 and 31:

The value of the ordered products:

If you order between EUR 150 and 249: 30 tablets of Regenon gratis.

If you order for more than EUR 250: 60 tablets of Regenon gratis.

- The discount can be validated several times during the promotion period.

- If you order for less than EUR 149: no discount

- The EMS shipping fare of EUR 35 does not count into the ordered value.

- You will get the free Regenon, no matter what kind of products you purchase, you just have to order for more than EUR 149, excluding the shipping costs.

- The discount can only be validated if the payment for the ordered products happens by July 31.

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 6

on Thursday, 26 June 2014.

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 6

If you followed what we describe in our series of articles, you should have already gotten rid of several pounds of surplus. In this article we will deal with the diet itself. Don't worry! It will be a reasonable, effective diet that won't make you starve.

Reasons of overweight

Overweight might have several reasons. Just do not consider certain illnesses and hormonal problems this time – unfortunately there are people who have to face things like these, but here I have to mention that their situation is not hopeless either and the rules should be applied by them even more strictly.

The fist most important reason of overweight is always rooted in a bad nutrition. People just eat too much calories in most of the cases, more than the body is able to use. The unused calories will be stored by the organism, and it does it in form of fat. Ceasing and fighting it is a rather easy task then – we might be tempted to see it like this – as we have nothing else to do than eating less and the problem is solved then.

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 5

on Wednesday, 18 June 2014.

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 5


If you kept the rules we described in the 4 previous articles, then you might already have lost a few pounds, and you even did not have to run a Marathon or fast. You are most balanced and self-conscious! In this piece we will discuss snacking.

We reached a level in the diet which is the most painful point for most of us. Snacking! During my diet it was the hardest part that I am not allowed to eat chocolate and I did suffer a lot before I succeeded in losing weight. Most people love sweets! Chocolate, biscuits, bonbons, cakes – all of them huge temptations for someone who would like to lose weight.

On the workplace, on visits, in the cinema or at home in front of the tube, all the chocolate, popcorn, chips and other useless food can give your body a surplus of calories in a moment that is the direct way to overweight. So you do not need to be surprised if you hardly can fasten your shoelaces or do not fit into your jeans any more.

Share your experiences and earn discounts

on Wednesday, 11 June 2014.

Share your experiences and earn discounts

Newsletter 06.2014

If you already have bought something from us, write us your opinion about our products, through which you can help our work. Share your experiences with others. Write us what made the given product good or bad, and how much weight you managed to lose with the help of it.

You will get the following discounts if you write your opinion on any of the products available on our website:

If you are not a frequent buyer yet:

- Your frequent buyer status will be activated, which grants you a discount of 5% on any order to come in the future.

- We give you a shopping coupon in worth of EUR 20, which can be used at any time in 2014.

If you are already a frequent buyer:

- We give you a shopping coupon in worth of EUR 30, which can be used at any time in 2014.

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 4

on Tuesday, 03 June 2014.

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 4

Eat six times a day!

This is one of the most important of the 10 steps – to eat at least six times a day. If you do not do that, our diet can contain the best food, it just won't have the effect that could be reached with 6 meals per day.

Why? Our body is always defensive. If it is hot, we do sweat, if we are sick, it just increases temperature in order to destroy viruses. It is the same with a diet. If you would like to gain weight, you do not have to make nothing different like sumo wrestlers... Eat a huge amount of food in just two meals per day! And lay down to sleep right after meals. If you eat rarely, your body will think that there is something wrong and it will be prepared to stay alive for several days without any nutrition. If this defensive mechanism of your body starts, it will be almost impossible to lose weight, as every consumed food will be used and stored completely. Storing it as fat is the most useful solution. Some people do not eat for days, as they are „making a diet". This does not make sense at all!
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